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Data Points is a podcast by InterSystems Learning Services that features conversations with experts about new and exciting features of InterSystems products, as well as cutting-edge trends and topics in the tech industry today.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. 15. Writing ObjectScript in VS Code

    In this episode, hear about the InterSystems ObjectScript extension in Visual Studio Code that allows developers to easily connect to their InterSystems IRIS instances and write ObjectScript in a familiar and lightweight environment. Product Manager Raj Singh joins Zack Krowiak to discuss this topic in detail! For more information about Data ...


  2. 14. Previewing Virtual Summit Experience Labs

    In this episode, you'll hear about the experience labs that are planned for the 2020 Virtual Summit! To get notified about all updates related to Virtual Summit, and to register when it is available, visit The office hours for each lab will be held in two ...


  3. 13. What's New in Online Learning?

    In this episode, you'll hear a bit about what's going on within the Online Learning team. First, Michelle Spisak tells us about the monthly learning newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter here! Then, you'll hear from Jaising Pasten about his journey, his experiences since joining ...


  4. 12. Empowering Users Through Chat

      In this episode, you'll hear insights from Jenny Ames, Gary Maggiolino, and Joey Moritz about the new chat bot that was implemented on a few different InterSystems sites. Using a chat bot, in conjunction with a human support team, can enable users to find answers to their questions quickly and ...


  5. 11. User Experience at InterSystems (Ksenia Samokhvalova)

    In this episode, Ksenia Samokhvalova — UX designer at InterSystems — joins the podcast to talk about the user experience for InterSystems products and how her team strives to improve that experience through smart design. Take a quick survey and sign up to be a user ...