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Data Points is a podcast by InterSystems Learning Services that features conversations with experts about new and exciting features of InterSystems products, as well as cutting-edge trends and topics in the tech industry today.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 20. The InterSystems Kubernetes Operator

    In this episode, Product Manager Bob Kuszewski tells us about Kubernetes and the InterSystems Kubernetes Operator (IKO), which makes it easy to deploy InterSystems products in your Kubernetes clusters. For more information about Data Points, visit   EPISODE TRANSCRIPT Derek Robinson 00:00:03 Welcome to Data Points, a podcast by ...


  2. 19. What's New in Version 2021.1 of InterSystems IRIS?

    In this episode, Product Manager Benjamin De Boe helps us break down all of the new and exciting features and improvements in the 2021.1 release of InterSystems IRIS® data platform. Benjamin tells us about exciting new developments in analytics, business intelligence, machine learning, development gateways, FHIR capabilities, and more. For more ...


  3. 18. InterSystems IRIS® FHIR® Accelerator Service

    In this episode, we chat with Regilo Souza and Patrick Jamieson about the InterSystems IRIS® FHIR® Accelerator Service, a turnkey FHIR solution that will empower FHIR application developers to build innovative applications using FHIR data. Then, we hear from Evgeny Shvarov about the developer contest coming up involving this new ...


  4. 17. The Analytics & AI Landscape

    In this episode, Carmen Logue, Benjamin De Boe, and Thomas Dyar join the podcast to talk about the various features and products that fall within the Analytics & AI area of the InterSystems technology stack. For more information about Data Points, visit   EPISODE TRANSCRIPT Derek Robinson 00:00:02 Welcome ...


  5. 16. A Cloud DBMS Visionary

    In this episode, hear from Jeff Fried — the director of product management for data platforms at InterSystems — about InterSystems being named a visionary in Gartner's first ever magic quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems. For more information about Data Points, visit   EPISODE TRANSCRIPT:   Derek Robinson 00:00:02 ...