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Data Points is a podcast by InterSystems Learning Services that features conversations with experts about new and exciting features of InterSystems products, as well as cutting-edge trends and topics in the tech industry today.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. 8. Healthcare Interoperability: Part 1 (Russ Leftwich)

    This episode features the first part of our interview with senior clinical advisor for interoperability at InterSystems, Russ Leftwich. In our discussion, Russ tells us about the history of healthcare interoperability, modern breakthroughs in its technology, and some of the biggest challenges that modern systems need to overcome. To check out ...


  2. 7. Introducing InterSystems Reports (Carmen Logue)

    In this episode, we chat with product manager for analytics and AI, Carmen Logue. Carmen tells us all about the newly released InterSystems Reports, what functionality it provides, how it fits into the existing set of InterSystems products, and more. For more information about Data Points, visit  ...


  3. 6. InterSystems Certification (Jamie Kantor)

    In this episode, we chat with certification manager Jamie Kantor about the certification program at InterSystems. Jamie explains why certification programs exist in the software industry, how InterSystems has evolved to build its certification exams, and why it matters to developers, partners, and customers of InterSystems. To learn more about getting ...


  4. 5. Mirroring Databases for High Availability (Bob Binstock)

    In this episode, we chat with technical writer Bob Binstock about mirroring databases in InterSystems products — specifically in InterSystems IRIS. Bob is a technical writer at InterSystems with lots of knowledge about topics like these, and he walks us through the concept of mirroring for high availability. You'll hear ...


  5. 4. Optimizing Your SQL Performance (Benjamin De Boe)

    In this episode, we chat with Benjamin De Boe, product manager for data management and analytics, about optimizing the performance of your SQL queries in InterSystems IRIS. Benjamin will go over some of the most common issues that cause performance loss within your queries, the easiest ways to fix them, ...